Ellison Memories, sent in by Jerry Blake

Ellison Memories, Jerry Blake
The Fall of 1960 while we were in port in Charleston, SC
Taken in Charleston sometime in late Fall or Winter of 1960.

Taken in the Persian Gulf sometime in February of 1960. I don't know who painted the picture but someone got Captain Bass to allow them to put it up. When we went back through the Suez Canal and rejoined the 6th Fleet, the Squadron Commander made him take it down. So we had it up for a month or more.

Taken while we were in port in Belfast, Northern Ireland in October of 1960.
Taken during a storm at sea when we were returning from the NATO cruise in Sep-Oct 1960.
Taken during a torpedo training run while we were in the Persian Gulf in January 1960. This shot got the Ellison the Navy "E" to display on the torpedo tubes.

The Ambassador to Ceylon inspecting the honor guard when he came aboard for lunch while we were in Colombo.

The Ambassador and Captain Bass.
The Head of the Ceylonese Navy when he came aboard for lunch while were in Colombo.
The Ceylonese CNO and Captain Bass.