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Happy Birthday shipmates


M. Atwood, Morgan Baker, Fred Beal, Frank Berbaum, Loring Dutcher
Lucien Elliott, Bob Enga, Dave  Favor, Ed Griffin, Stuart Harrelson, Joe Lautz
Lou Moretti, Gerald Morris, Emery Parker, Doug Perkins, Charles Phillips
John Provine, Claude Sample, Tom Schuring, Steve Teasdale, Charles Teubner
Bob Walsh, John Weigelt, Harold Weyman, Hal Weymen, Mike Yakubovsky

June Birthdays
Randy Bickel, Nelson Capaz, John Carroll, Eldred Caveney, Richard Croft
Chris Evans, Tom Flanagan, Bob Garrison, John Gemmer, Don German, Bob Granata
John Hall, Charles Headrick, George Heilner, Bob Kirschner, Bob Kitt, Al McCallum
Vic Mokarry, John O’Donoghue, Richard Pachter, Lou Perocier, Mike Raaker
Allan Reed, Bill Speizer, Michael Treffinger, Gerald Whitcomb



Happy Jack News

Flag Day USA


Reunion news
The reunion will be held from September 27 to October 1, 2017at the Holiday Inn and Suites in St. Augustine, FL
More informatiom on the reunion page.

Shipmates if you change your email address or discontinue one please notify Mike Raaker as that will help us out in the future. If you move please send us your new address. Unable to open newsletter in word form, send me a message and I will send in a different program.


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HJ Ellison model at the museum

Everyday is Veterans Day-Thank you for serving

I received this from Chuck Petrosky,77-79 whose name is now on the crews list.
Chuck sent some other photos which I will download soon.
I will see if we can get this enlarged and use at the reunion.
Bob Harrigan and others from that era should remember him.


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Remember if you change your address or email address please notify
George Broniszewski
12542 Calpine Rd
Philadelphia, PA, 19154
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Mike Raaker

The Ellison sew on crest is now on sale
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Photo compliments of Fred Arsenault taken in Athens Greece in 1948

USS H.J.Ellison Bread Box

bread box

This photo was sent to us from L. Roland Chase, BMC, USN Retired living Amsterdam, NY taken at a TCS session in 2008 in Albany, NY. The bread box (upper right) is off the Ellison and now in the galley of the USS Slater at the Destroyer Escort Historical Museum in Albany. We thank Roland for the photo.